Drug Rehab Center in Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Cape Cod Recovery Center's drug rehab program is a unique and affordable drug rehab program for individuals seeking substance abuse treatment in Cape Cod.

Our Unique Rehab Approach

Our drug rehab in Cape Cod approach is simple. We offer evidence based substance abuse treatment in our highly qualified clinical programing. Our counseling staff has created an effective day treatment program to meet your substance abuse treatment needs. With our partnership with Cape Cod Sober Living, we can bring you an affordable drug rehab alternative to a 30 day inpatient drug treatment program.

What is a Drug Rehab program

A drug rehabilitation in Cape Cod program, is a program that specializes in the treatment of addiction. Addiction is a clinical disease of the brain. Addiction to substances – such as alcohol, prescription drugs or street drugs such as cocaine, heroin and methamphetamine – can cause serious damage not only to a person’s health and well being, but to their psychological, psychiatric and emotional states. When addiction begins to take hold of an individual to the point where they feel their lives are no longer in their control, a drug rehabilitation center can offer the opportunity for individuals to get their lives restored, renewed and back on track. LEARN MORE

Our Drug Rehab Approaches


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